From Agerola to Amalfi

From St. Lazzaro Piazza, enter via Miramare near the Leonardo Restaurant, then enter the steps to the left that zigzag as they descend the embankment. Pass through the gardens and scattered homes of Tovere. After passing a shrine (the little Madonna), take the left to steps descending towards a deep valley and pass to the opposite side. Here, after a small, level stretch you encounter a junction where you will need to bare right along a path that first passes through uncultivated brush, and then on to the cultivated fields. When you reach the main road, bare left and after a few meters you will enter steps that take you down to the main road to Amalfi, near the church of St. Michael. You then take the steps that go down to the rear of the church until they emerge to the left into a pedestrian street. Here proceed east passing under the terraces, and go over a stream and along a right curve where there is a junction at which you will need to bare right, over a set of descending steps until you reach the main road again. Avoiding detours, continue downhill, crossing a bridge and pass under the Cemetery. Immediately after, you take the steps to the left and climb through the narrow lanes of Lone (alternatively you could continue straight and reach the private beach of Duoglio). Pass through the center of Lone, bare left passing a chapel and a small square. Keep going until you get back onto the main road for Amalfi, and follow it until you reach the Hotel Cappuccini. From here, take the steps that lead to an old pedestrian street at the top of the main street, following it, until you reach the historic center of Amalfi. For returning to Agerola, use the SITA bus service.

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