A place where the sea and sky come together

Path of the Gods: (length 8 km) journey time 4 hours. Difficulty: It is easy with exposed sections. The path keeps within it all the charm of the name given, from Via Casalone within walking distance from the Bed & Breakfast Cascina or from the square of Bomerano Paolo Capasso and leads to Positano. The information boards give indications of the route and there are reports mileage at intervals of 100 m. At the “Biscotto Cave”, which takes its name from the typical bread agerolese reminiscent of the characteristic geological structure of the rock wall, there is a source of drinking water and from here you can observe some ancient ruins of houses stuck in the cave. The route passes through walls, caves, wooded sections and arched cultivated terraces; after Colle Serra, gaze rests on the enchanting view of Sorrento Peninsula until you reach the village of Nocelle (450 m. Above sea level) from where you can take a bus or walk up a flight of stairs in Positano.

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